Who can lease? Any business, organization, or non-profit association. What is the payment rate? Generally, the interest rate or rate factor depends on the strength of a customer's credit. Typically, customers with better credit receive better rates. Is down payment required? Typically your lease will start with a down payment of first and last payment in which most cases is less than 5% of your total transaction. Are there any pre-payment penalties?

No, there is no-prepayment penalty on any of our equipment leases. You can pay off your equipment lease at anytime without penalty charges.

What is the minimum I can put on my lease? Any transaction over $10,000 qualifies for a lease. What is the difference between a lease and a loan? Among the differences, a loan usually requires the borrower to pledge other assets for collateral. The leased equipment, however, is usually all that is needed to secure a lease transaction. What can I use this lease program for? Do you need new audio/visual equipment for your house of worship or to upgrade your computer hardware to keep competitive? You can use commercial equipment leasing for any new or used equipment, lighting systems, and/or software that makes sense for your business to grow. As long as it is not going to be resold and it is not disposable and/or consumable, it may qualify for an equipment lease. What is your current rate? Rate factors are based on a number of variables including equipment type and the credit rating of the individual business customer. The best way to find out what rates are going to be for a desired piece of equipment is to contact a Hampton Ridge Financial Lease Manager and submit a quote for the equipment you wish to lease. What kind of lease terms do you offer? We can structure your commercial leasing terms to best fit your business needs. We provide two, three, four, and five year lease terms on most transactions as well as many different types of equipment lease programs from $10,000 to $100,000. Whether you are interested in business equipment lease and financing, audio/visual equipment financing or heavy equipment financing, Hampton Ridge Financial has commercial equipment leasing programs that will work best for your company's cash flow needs. I don't buy equipment very often, why would I want to use commercial equipment leasing and financing? Keeping your Hampton Ridge Financial equipment lease account up-to-date and ready gives you options when an emergency arises and you may need to buy or replace/upgrade equipment quickly for your business. Are there tax benefits to equipment leasing? The tax benefits of equipment leasing can be extremely important to a business' cash flow. Depending on the type of lease you choose, you may create tax advantages for your company. Please confer with your tax professional regarding the applicable tax savings. What can I include in my equipment lease? With most Hampton Ridge Financial leases, you can also include 'secondary costs' such as delivery, training and installation in your total lease amount


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